Assateague Coastal Trust - Advocacy or Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in our coastal bays watersheds? There are ways you can get involved today. 

There are a number of ways to get involved with ACT. From donating to volunteering, there is a way for everyone to join ACT in protecting our Coastal Bays Watershed.

Volunteers can be involved in supporting the staff. You can be part of the Assateague Coastkeeper program. In the summer, they need volunteers to assist with the Coast Kids program.

Go online to down to fill out contact information and check the box, "I would like to volunteer".  



10959 Worcester Highway
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The Assateague COASTKEEPER, is an on-the-water advocate who patrols and protects the Maryland, Southern Delaware, and Northern Virginia Eastern Shore coastal bays, standing up to polluters, and granting everyone's right to clean water. 

  • We regularly monitor the quality of our local waters and publish the data in MyCoast App, Swim Guide, and WaterReporter.
  • Our Coast Kids program educates our youth and their families through hands on outdoor experiences in how to care for our coastal bays, creating the next generation of environmental stewards.
  • ACT engages the community about the environment through informative lectures, trash clean-ups, nature exploration and other hands-on opportunities.


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