Chesapeake Housing Mission - Group Volunteer Opportunities

If your group is interested in volunteering for a wheelchair ramp build, here are next steps:

How To Get Started:

  1. HAVE AN OPEN HEART:  Have an open heart, a willingness to help others, and compassion for your neighbors without judgement.    
  2. PICK A TEAM LEADER: Pick a Volunteer Leader for your team.  The Volunteer Leader organizes the volunteer team and works directly with CHM to coordinate the project.
  3. GET A TEAM TOGETHER: Find a group of like-minded volunteers to form a team.  FYI – Wheelchair Ramps usually require around 15 volunteers.
  4. YOU GET TO PICK THE DATE: Contact us with your preferred date and a rain date and we will match your team up with a client.  Projects are typically completed in a single day.
  5. HAVE A PROJECT MANAGER?: Let us know if anyone on your team has construction experience and is and willing to lead the project.  If not, we will assign a Project Manager for you.

If you have a team and are interested in volunteering, please contact us.  We typically have 30+ clients on our waiting list that need your help!

Click on link to find out more about volunteering -
PO Box 1061
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CHM offers group volunteer opportunities for businesses, departments, organizations, clubs, teams, associations, and congregations – no matter your skill level. Volunteering with CHM allows your team to work together.

Construction skills are not required. We will teach you everything you need to know on the day of your assigned project.  


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