Julia Purnell Museum - Volunteers

Are you handy around the house? How about categorizing historical collections? Give Julia Purnell Museum a call and leave a message at 410-632-0515

Volunteer your "handy person" skills:

  • Painting
  • Sanding
  • Building
  • Putting together exhibits
  • General maintenance of the building

Administrative/Event skills:

  • Docent - as needed
  • Work with our archival collection
  • Help with office-related tasks
  • Putting out newsletters and other mailings
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Assist at an annual event, such as FiberFest
  • Assist with Heritage Arts for Kids programs
208 West Market St
Snow Hill
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Additional Information

Julia A. Purnell Museum is a small non-profit organization, showcasing the region’s rich history for over 75 years. Our purpose is to collect, preserve and display items that convey cultural and artistic significance important for the education of the general public.