Maryland Citizens Review Board for Children - Review Board

Are you interested in supporting children in the local community?

What does a Board Member do?

Child welfare in your county - The work of citizen volunteers who speak on behalf of children who are in an out-of-home placement - How can you advocate for children in your own community

Volunteer Application

Application Process

  1. Fill out and mail all the necessary forms from the Governor’s Appointment Office, see attached forms below.
  2. Provide a resume along with your application packet.
  3. Consent to background clearance checks through the Dept. of Human Services Child Abuse Registry.
  4. Attend a Selection Committee Interview with current board members.
  5. If selected by the current board members the applicant must attend pre-service training.
  6. Upon completion of pre-service training, the applicant’s information is sent to DHS and the Governor’s Appointments Office for review and appointment.
  7. The Governor will make the final decision to appoint the applicant.
  8. The applicant will receive a letter from the Governor’s Appointments Office.



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  1. CRBC State Ethics Commission – This is a background and informational form for filling out the CRBC Volunteer Exemption Form.
  2. CRBC Volunteer Exemption Form – Please download, fill out, print, sign, date and return.
  3. CRBC Volunteer Application Form – Please download, fill out, print, sign, date and return.
  4. CRBC Volunteer Code of Conduct – Please download, fill out, print, sign, date and return.
  5. CRBC Volunteer Background Clearance Form – Please download, fill out, print, sign, date and return.

Please retain copies of all forms sent to CRBC for your benefit.


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Additional Information

The Citizens Review Board for Children (CRBC) supports all efforts to provide permanence for children in foster care. This state board provides oversight to Maryland’s child protection agencies and trains volunteer citizen panels to aid in child protection efforts. To conduct case reviews of children in out-of-home care, make the timely individual case and systemic recommendations; and advocate for legislative and systematic child welfare improvements to promote safety and permanency.